At ten metres tall, this inflatable sculpture is one of the largest made in the UK. It is based on a 3D model by Simon Mckeown, and features motion captured animation of a kick boxer in a time lapse pose. Extracted from the computer software,  the model was then printed in 3 dimensions using a state of the art 3D printer at the School of Computing at Teesside University, Middlesbrough,UK.


Imagine Inflatables, the leading contributor of inflatable artwork to the Olympic and Paralympic 2012 ceremonies then took this small maquette and manufactured the large scale work for Simon, which went onto to be exhibited extensively throughout 2012.


Entitled ‘The Last Thalidomide’ and based on a physical representation of thalidomide affected actor and athlete Mat Fraser, the work was installed in various locations throughout the UK including; London, Edinburgh, Leicester, Loughborough, Lincoln, Ellsmere Port, Oxford.


During 2013 the work has gone on to be featured at DOX Contemporary Arts Centre in Prague, the Czech Republic’s main contemporary centre as part of an exhibition entitled Disabled by Normality, and was one of the main features at the Liberty 2013 arts festival, which was held in London’s Olympic Park in association with National Paralympic Day.