Motion Disabled: Unlimited is the 2012 edition of Simon McKeown’s internationally exhibited exhibition Motion Disabled. The 2012 impression studies the body and movement of some of the UK’s most famous Paralympians. Viewers are given a chance to watch and study the physicality and movement of the modern-day disabled athlete, the Paralympian. What is it like to walk and jump without legs, or to sail with one arm? Permission to view is granted; cultural identity removed; disabled avatars move.

The work continues to explore McKeown's interest in normality and difference and is made up of three distinct sections in addition to the web site. A large inflatable sculpture forms the core part of the exhibition. Cold air-filled, this sculpture was placed in cities and events during 2012 at various locations globally. In addition a new series of motion-based artworks featuring the Paralympians. An iPhone 4 Augmented Reality (AR) application linked everything together introducing viewers to the exhibition, and it’s concepts using high tech but accessible methods.Paralympic athletes directed by Mckeown had their motions captured at Centroid 3D's facility at London

MDU Exhibitions:


  • WestBrom - The Public, May - June 2013
  • Prague - Dox Centre for Contemporary Art, May - September 2013


  • Loughborough - Town Centre - 9th September 2012 
  • West Cheshire College, Ellesmere Port Campus, West Cheshire - 5th to 8th September 2012
  • South Bank Centre - South Bank, London - 3rd & 4th September 2012 
  • Jubilee Gardens -  South Bank, London - 29th August to 2nd September 2012  
  • Leicester - Orton Square and The Curve - 26th August 2012
  • Edinburgh - Festival Square - 13th - 17th August 2012
  • T4 On the Beach - Weston super Mare 1st July 2012 
  • Middlesbrough - MIMA - Summer 2012
  • Scunthorpe - 20-21 Visual Arts Centre - Summer 2012
  • Oxford - South Park - July 9th 2012 


Oxford - 9th July 2012






T4 on the Beach - 1st July 2012